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Hannah + Robin

I love their friendship so so much



Zoe Saldana: Sci-Fi Queen!

But Also:

insp (x)

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  • me: reads fanfic.
  • otp: "i love you."
  • me: mutant noise
  • me: strokes screen
  • me: flails
  • me: drops laptop
  • me: rolls off of bed
  • me: rolls into space


I really wanna know what this was about though iisuperwomanii

Bringing this back because I think we’re getting this video sometime in the near future.

Every podcast on Not Too Deep

  • Guest: Do you remember that one band?
  • Grace: Oh yeah, they sang that song one time.
  • Guest: Oh, I love that song! *takes deep breath*
  • Grace: No, we don't have the rights!
  • Guest: *sings*





So I saw this today



They know what’s up


chesterlsee piano appreciation 

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Aim low, have a go.

- Grace Helbig

New life motto.

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Those Girls


Prompt #5: Swace, at a party, accidental making out and the morning after.

AN: Hey Jenn. This is for you. You’ve been v patient. Also, the prompt ended in “PRETTY PLEASE WITH YOU ON TOP” so… HERE U GO

More prompts are being written.

It happens entirely accidentally, at first. They aren’t drunk, just tipsy, but the music is so loud, and dancing is so fun, and holding each other for a bit seems like the greatest idea. 

Hannah whistles at them from across the room.

"Shut up," slurs Grace, leaning the side of her head against the other woman’s, chin on shoulder. Giggles fill her ears. Hannah eyes the pair with furrowed brows, but then shrugs, and joins some of their friends on the patio.

It almost surprises Grace when the music’s beat mixes with softly chuckled words. “God, sometimes Hannah’s too adorable.” Grace leans back, squinting at where those words came from. She quickly averts her gaze, because Jesus Christ, she can’t just stare at Sarah’s mouth when their faces are already this close.

"Shut up," she grins, and maybe all other words have disappeared from her brain, at this point.

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Since Grace is moving into a new house, here’s a tribute to her cabin that she lived in for almost two years after moving to LA!

Oh, non existent door of so many YDAD’s.

It was such a cool house..

I’m emotional.


Gracie H In A Box Bandana


I feel as though it is safe to say he’s obsessed with button up shirts??